A Collection of Books
Illustrated by Women
in the Late 19th Century and
Early 20th Century

The Disc comes in a beautiful handmade sleeve
made from quality paper as shown in the Photo.

Women Illustrators
teatime girlsThe prime criterion for the choice of the books on this CD is obviously that they were they were illustrated by women, and more specifically by women of the late 19th century and the early 20th century. As is the case with other CDs in this series the original illustrations are shown in their original context, i.e. in the book or story they illustrated and of which they were an integral part.
These books were for young children mostly and it is on purpose that books with mythological themes which were illustrated by women have been set aside for other separate CD compilations.
Kate Greenaway, whose depictions of genteel English life of a more elegant era are instantly recognisable, was especially fond of girly tea rituals as shown here
teatime girlsShe was were very prolific and may be much better known than others, but the quality of the work of other illustrators who were less prolific is no less worthy of consideration on that account. One gets ones inspiration from all kinds of places and people. In the selection on this CD I have tried to show examples of the work on some of the finest female book illustrators of the period though, of course, there are omissions. Those people who will look at these illustrations will know what they like and will have their own favourites and will find inspiration wherever they will.teatime girls
Books on the disc:
A Child's Garden of Verses illus. Bessie Collins Pease Gutmann
A Childs Garden of Verses illus. Jessica Wilcox Smith
A Flower Book illus. Nellie Benson
Alice Mary Havers issustratins only
Almanak for 1884 Kate Greenaway
Annancy Stories illus. Pamela Colman Smith
Apple Pie Kate Greenaway
Birthday Book Kate Greenaway
Book of Games Kate Greenaway
Dickens's Children illus. Jessica Wilcox Smith
Dream Blocks illus. Jessica Wilcox Smith
Dumpy Proverbs illus. Honor Appleton
Little Ann Kate Greenaway
Little Boy Lost illus. Dorothy Lathrop
Luxury of Children Sarah Stillwell Brown
Marigold Garden Kate Greenaway
Marys Little Lamb illus. Edith Foster
Miniature Under the Window Rhymes Kate Greenaway
Mother Goose illus. Jessica Wilcox Smith
Mother Goose Kate Greenaway
Our Old Nursery Rhymes illus. H Willebeek Le Mair
Peter Pan and Wendy illus. Mabel Lucie Atwell
Pied Piper Kate Greenaway
Rag Tag and Bobtail illus. Edith Farmiloe
Songs for Little People illus. Helen Stratton
The Cheerful Cricket illus. Edith Brown
The Court Jester illus. Margaret Ely Webb
The Flower Princess illus. Margaret Ely Webb
The Little Red Hen illus. Florence W Williams
Twas the Night before Christmas illus. Jessica Wilcox Smith
Under the Window Kate Greenaway

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