A Collection of Books
illustrated by
Walter Crane

The Disc comes in a beautiful handmade sleeve
made from quality paper as shown in the Photo.

Walter Crane
Contained on the CD disc is a collection of out-of-print books, illustrated by Walter Crane, whose pages have been scanned and compiled in PDF format.

Walter Crane was a vast figure in his chosen field and often his illustrations are mini-monuments all on their own. He wrote about design as well as practising it. He was an ardent and active socialist politician. Sometimes the intellectual got the upper hand in his art but mostly not and the intellectual part was his metier, the tools of his trade. His art was most felicitious, and perhaps he too, when he goes into his world of make-believe and then he comes across as really spontaneous and fantasy-full, in fact never short of surprises. He must have really enjoyed his work because almost everything he does comes off wonderfully. This was a very eclectic man who studied everything and borrowed everywhere: Classical Greek, Christian, Japanese and the divil knows what else, and I’m sure his writings on design, some of which are included on the CD, will tell the curious reader a lot more. Like a fine actor, his own personality doesn’t really intrude on the reader.

He was ready and able to tackle any job put in front of him and did so with consummate professionalism. But there’s much you’ll recognise him by. He would put his alter ego, his ‘Crane’ monogram, just about everywhere he could, and his notion of female beauty was constant: a Greek profile---straight line from tip of nose to top of brow, which the reader will note on his Cinderella who contrasts with the scrawny frames and wide shoulders or her two ugly sisters, and where there was no excuse for drapery he would give his women long dresses instead . His well-fed and matronly Cinderella doesn’t really come off, which might be telling; after all so many tear-jerking love stories are Cinderella-type stories, so maybe he just wasn't romantic.
Crane really had a vast compass---there’s an awful lot there that’s good and wholesome and inspirational; it’s all rich fare for the art lover. There is a big selection of his books on this CD, the biggest, in fact, that has been compiled on one disc ever. The quality is high in most of them. A few illustrations from those books are shown here below but they are to be considered a personal selection of this reader.
Books on the disc:
A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden
A Flower Wedding
A Masque of Days
A Romance of the Three R's
A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, N Hawthorne
Adventures of Puffy
Alphabet of Old Friends
Annie and Jack in London
At Home
Baby's Own Aesop
Babys Own Alphabet
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty's Awakening, A Masque of Winter and Spring
Cinderella Picture Book
Flora's Feast
Gaping Wide Mouth etc.
Goody Two Shoes
Goody Two Shoes_2
Hind in the Wood
Household Stories of the Brothers Grimm
Illustrations to Shakespeare's Tempest
India Impressions
Jack and theeanstalk
King Arthur's Knights
King Luckieboy's Picture Book
Legends for Lionel
Line & Form by Walter Crane
Little Queen Anne
Little Red Riding Hood.
Mother Hubbard Picture Book
My Mother
Pan Pipes first edition
Pan Pipes
Pothooks and Perseverance
Princess Belle-Etoile
Puss inoots
Queen Summer or The Tourney of the Lily and the Rose
Renascense A Book of Verse
Slate and Pencil
Spenser's Faerie Queene
Steps to Reading
The Absurd ABC
The Baby's Bouquet
The Baby's Opera
The Birth of Roland
The Buckle my Shoe Picture Book
The Decorative Illustration of Books
The Fairy Ship
The Forty Thieves
The Frog Prince
The Golden Primer Part 1
The Golden Primer Part 2
The History of Reynard the Fox
The Old Courtier
The Old Garden and Other Verses
The Shepheard's Calender
The Sleeping Beauty and other Tales
The Song of Sixpence Picture Book
The Story of the Glittering Plain
The Tempest, Stories from Shakespeare for Children
The Walter Crane Painting Book
This Little Pig Went to the Market
Valentine and Orson
Yellow Dwarf

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The books on the disc are digital files in .pdf format.
To read them you need to have a PDF Reader installed on your PC computer.
The .pdf format is non-proprietary but Adobe provide a free reader at www.adobe.com.

This disc is a data CD for reading on your computer only.
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