The Disc comes in a beautiful handmade sleeve
made from quality paper as shown in the Photo.

Contents of the CD
Contained on the CD disc is a collection of out-of-print books whose pages have been scanned and compiled in PDF format. The books on the disc are illustrated by the Robinson brothers, Charles (1870–1937) and William Heath Robinson (1872-1944). Who can not but love the clear line drawings and soft watercolour illustrations of these two brothers and the dreamlike aesthetic which transports whoever has beauty receptors in their souls straight to paradise for at least one little moment. They were a big part of the Golden Age of Book Illustration in England at and around the turn of twentieth century, not least because of their originality and the enormous number of books they colored and decorated. The Robinsons were a family of London illustrators. Charles a nd William were the best known but Thomas illustrated numerous books as well. This family were workers and grafters; they served long apprentice ships to their crafts and went to school if the money stretched. From the size of their output it is doubtful if they saw many idle days in their lives. How these brothers could contain such an abundance of magical dimension under their hideously normal haircuts might be a mystery to those not fortunate enough to have known the days of nondescript artists, mad poets and individualist philosophers who worked hard for a living yet constantly sought excellence and endeavoured to capture in their art all what was sublime in everyday life. I’ve always been grateful to them for what they gave and still give. The brothers had similarities in their styles and approaches as would be expected, but were also uniquely different. William Heath Robinson always had a quirkiness and as time went by indulged it more and more. Later he produced a lot of drawings and illustrations full of innocent whimsy which no doubt amused himself and his readers no end; indeed some people nowadays seem unaware that he did anything else. None of these are included on this CD. The selection of Illustrated Books on this CD is the first time that a substantial body of the work of the Robinson brothers has been offered to the public in one package. I hope you enjoy these wonderful works and offer here below a gallery of some of the images from the Books.
Books Illustrated by Charles Robinson:
Aesop's Fables
Alice in Wonderland
Bee-Princess of the Dwarfs
Childs Garden of Verses Fairy
Fireside Saints
King Longbeard
Lilliput Lyrics
Lullaby Land
Make Believe
Once On A Time
Prince Babillon
Tales from Hans Christian Andersen
Tales of Passed Times
The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes
The Child World
The Cloud Kingdom
The Four Champions of Great Britain & Ireland
The Happy Prince
The Reign of King Oberon
The Sensitive Plant by Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Songs and Sonnets of William Shakespeare
The Story of The Weathercock
The True Annals of Fairyland in the Reign of King Cole
Books Illustrated by W. H. Robinson:
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Song of The English
Bill the Minder
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
Old Time Stories
Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
Some Frightful War Pictures
The Giant Crab and Other Tales from Old India
The Talking Thrush
Twelfth Night
Water Babies

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