Books illustrated by
Arthur Rackham
that no child should go
without reading

The Disc comes in a beautiful handmade sleeve
made from quality paper as shown in the Photo.

Arthur Rackham's Work
The best ways to get to know life are by talking and drawing. If you learn how to talk and draw it's sure you'll know how to listen and see. Kids learn like that, listen or read and try it out and again but as one always follows the other who's to say which came first. This is science, there isn't any other. The science that has argued us out of living is neither science nor art, neither knowing nor making, it's engineering. It is or it has an agenda. If you like to draw as Rackham liked to draw you'll love the grotesqueries of life. They'll feed you and turn you on. Everyone can talk and draw even if they don't. Rackham did it great sure. Here, for you to see, is his world and the world he reflected and it's a very full pageant. We're here in a brown and grey northern clime with fickle sun and long shadows. What little colour there is comes when the the sunshine brings the flowers out and the girls and fairies too in their flowery dresses. This man Arthur Rackham doodled all the time as he tried to concentrate on the day job. Most everyone he draws is skinny; he exaggerates elbows, knees, and heels, all joints are quickened and articulate except when old age bends people in half but for the eyes of drawers, and for the eye of the beholder too, bent old folks are just as interesting as golden lads and lasses. The doodles and the silhouettes are his real art. He could wash them and tint them and ink them later. His trees all talk; they're gashed and slashed like exhausted wombs, homes now for gnomes and little people. Either that or they're pricking and prodding every passer by, especially-maidens or trying to wrap around and tangle them. The new Agenda 21 park-rangers would just remove them and plant denatured fast growing straight-limbed trees in their stead---the same as regards Rackham's endearing decrepits
---they'd be removed from public view. More's the pity! all gone for now. But preserved forever in Rackham's work!
Books on the disc:
A Dish of Apples
Aesop's Fables
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
English Fairy Tales
Good Night Buenas Noches Grimms' Fairy Tales
Gulliver's Travels
Hawthorne's Wonderook
Irish Fairy Tales
Midsummer Nights Dream Mother Goose and Old Nursery Rhymes
Night Before Christmas
Peer Gynt
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Puck of Pook's Hill
Rip Van Winkle
Siegfried and theTwilight of the Gods
Snickerty Nick
Snowdrop and Other Tales by Grimm
Some British Ballads
The Ingoldsby Legends
The Land of Enchantment
The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie
The Romance of King Arthur and his Knights
The Sleeping Beauty
The Springtide of Life
The Zankiwank and The Bletherwitch
Wind in the Willows

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