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Ornament and Design
Contained on the CD disc are ornaments and design from the whole world compiled in the second half of the 19th century and in the first part of the 20th century.
It is fair to call that timespan a golden age for book illustration and illustrators. Participants in that golden age were not only the individual illustrators of literary works but also the compilers of illustrations, ornaments and design of every kind in book form. It is evident to us from their compilations that there was a renewed interest in design, that is to say in the visual dynamics of all other cultures and other eras. This was the origin of eclecticism.
Joy in the work and participation in the craft were common elements to both illustrated novels and tales and to the compilations on the DVD and this spirit is evident in the way the images were presented. It is obvious that a very receptive readership was rediscovering those exceptional designs which were intrinsic to far-away, exotic cultures and it is equally obvious that many designers made good use of them in their own work.
The selection on this DVD is the very first time that such a comprehensive compilation has been presented on one DVD.
Comprehensive means inclusive: China, Japan, Classical Egypt, Russia, Middle East etc. and the West are all exemplified here. Favourites of the compiler of this DVD are the books of stencils and the book showing wood-cutting and related artefacts from New Guinea which were also typical of all that huge string of islands of Melanesia and Oceania I think it was called. One cut of a knife made a positive design and generated by that very act a negative twinned design and what was thus birthed must have been and still is so very satisfying to the soul. We can only guess how our western equivalents might have looked but these crafts lasted longer where certain primal conditions were more enduring.

Western artistic movements such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco belonged to this era and illustrators and craftspeople of the period were exposed to all those cultures which were extrinsic to their own and borrowed from them without restraint and of course the works they created under their influence were very often unique in their own right.
Books on the disc:
Art Nouveau Collection
Chinese Colour Harmonies Vol 1
Chinese Colour Harmonies Vol 2
Chinese Ornament
Combinaisons Ornementales
Decorative Art of New Guinea
Der Ornamentenschatz
Floral Design
Floriated Ornament
Geometric and Roman Mosaics
Japanese Textiles
Kunst Schmuckformen 1
Kunst Schmuckformen 2
Lambert Stencils.
L'Art Arabe Vol. 1
L'Art Arabe Vol. 2
L'Art Arabe Vol. 3
L'Ornement polychrome 1
L'Ornement polychrome 2
L'Ornement polychrome 3
L'Ornement polychrome 4
Moderne Textilkunst
Nature in Ornament Lewis F. Day
Ornamental Design Lewis F. Day
Ornamental Designs
Ornamental Tiles
Plant Ornament
Russian Art Nouveau Ornament
Russian Textile Design
Scroll Book
Shin Bijutsukai 1
Shin Bijutsukai 2
Stencils Japanese German text
Stencils Kata-gami Japanese Stencils
Stencils Old Japanese Stencils
Strong's Book of Designs
The Grammar of Ornament
Vignettes (Vinetas)

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