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Randolph Caldecott
All the books on the disc are illustrated by Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886) who died aged 40. His work is good and wholesome and wholly English, i.e. the England of the shires. One should not think that what is good and wholesome is dated per se. What he drew and painted is now gone for the most but he can still inspire those who draw to take up the challenge to look for what is good and wholesome in the 21st century, As an illustrator Caldecott had a light touch and a great ability to compose numerous little side-stories in one image.
Unlike many other illustrators of the period Caldecott does not create an idealistic, make-believe world of his own extrinsic to that of the stories and rhymes he illustrates, but characterises the essential naivety of the originals in a wholly natural way based on the rural life he was familiar with.
Any exaggerations Caldecott made as an artist leaned on the side of gaiety and exuberance. He is never forced. The restrained wit which is ever-present in all the storybook tableaux is unselfconscious and his characters are unaware of the observer. He comes across as a balanced unpretentious observer who, if he was ever morose, had no wish to communicate it in his art.

In the illustrations he made for the limited editions of his Picture Books he captured, and captured is probably the most apt word here, the English country life of the period in few and quick strokes. All the Picture Books, as well as other now out of print books he illustrated, have been scanned and compiled for you in .pdf format on the CD.

Books on the disc:
A Frog he would a-wooing go
A Sketchbook of R Caldecott
An Elegy on the Glory of her Sex
Bracebridge Hall
Breton Folk
Come Lasses and Lads
Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog
Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting
Jack and the Bean-Stalk
Jackanapes Daddy Darwin's Dovecot
Lob Lie-by-the-Fire
Mrs. Mary Blaize
North Italian Folk
Old Christmas
Ride a-cock Horse to Banbury Cross & A Farmer Went Riding Upon His Grey Mare
Sing a Song for Sixpence
The Babes in the Wood
The Diverting History of John Gilpin
The Farmer's Boy
The Fox jumps over the Parson's Gate
The Great Panjandrum Himself
The Harz Mountains
The House that Jack Built
The Maypole
The Milkmaid
The Queen of Hearts
The Randolph Caldecott Picture Book
The Three Jovial Huntsmen

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